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Specializing in companies with annual revenues ranging from $500,000 to $350,000,000, Robert Hetsler provides independent ESOP Valuation services for all stages of a company’s ESOP planning and administration.


Overview of Services Hetsler Mediation & Valuation, Inc. ("HMV") — We Handle the Entire Transaction

Overview of Services

Hetsler Mediation & Valuation, Inc. ("HMV") — We Handle the Entire Transaction. When you are selling your business and retain a mergers and acquisitions firm, make sure you fully understand who is doing what in terms of performing the work.   Here at HMV we have capable staff who provide invaluable assistance, but understand that it is a HMV principal that has complete responsibility for getting your business transitioned in a timely and professional fashion.

Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions Services

  •    Business Pricing and Valuations:
HMV will provide you with a valuation range for your business after discussing your business with you and after gaining a complete understanding of your financial history and projections.  Mr. Hetsler, who holds all major valuation certifications and has valued hundreds of businesses over the years will be the one directly involved, along with you, in the valuation and pricing of your business.  Once a valuation range has been determined and agreed upon, we will execute a representation agreement and take the business to market.   We allow the market to determine your business’s value by soliciting multiple offers and negotiating the offering prices to maximize the sale price for our client.
  •     Discretion:
Discretion and confidentiality are key when marketing your business. When selling your business through HMV, we strongly advise (and assist in ensuring) that your customers, employees and vendors only become aware of transaction after it has been successfully completed.   This is not always possible but it is very important to do everything we can to minimize the stakeholders that are aware of the business listing.

Packaging Your Business for Sale:

At HMV, we take the time and effort to really understand your business – where it has been and where it is going – to create a substantial overview of your business to present to potential buyers. HMV makes certain that the possibilities and attributes of your company are detailed in the Confidential Business Review (approved by you), which is provided to a potential buyer once they have executed a confidentiality agreement .

  •     Locating Qualified Buyers:
We will build a database and marketing program customized to your business. You will have input and final approval of our list of prospects. Depending on the size of the business potential buyers may include individuals and companies, both privately owned or listed on one of the Stock Exchanges, with the financial means to offer the highest price for your business.
Depending upon the industry and the amount of your company’s annual revenues, it might also be appropriate to market your company to Private Equity firms in our database.

  •     Negotiations with Potential Buyers:
HMV has been in business for over 10 years, and our high success rate reflects our negotiation skills. As a mediator in high conflict disputes for over 10 years, we have the necessary skills to negotiate even the most intricate details of the transaction.
  •     The Importance of Due Diligence:
HMV helps Sellers understand the process of due diligence is as much for their benefit as it is the Buyer’s. A thorough due diligence process is the first line of defense should problems arise after the business has been transitioned. Comprehensive due diligence materials are provided in writing to the Buyer and typically form part of the legal agreements as an Exhibit. HMV’s team provides thorough identification and evaluation of operations and supporting technology (both IT and specialized applications).  Our validation of M&A assumptions includes discovery of detailed business processes and management practices. Risks of the merger or acquisition are understood, lessened, and managed.  Our due diligence not only confirms aspects required to close, it springboards integration planning activities.

  •     Integration:
Rapid realization of your M&A stems from effective program planning and structuring of integration teams. HMV focuses each team’s mission with measured and attainable factors.  Successful integration flourishes with each team linking cohesive models that address product and service overlap, cost containment, and customer retention.
  •     Lenders and Financing:
You want to sell your business, but you must be sure the buyer can pay you for it and close the transaction. As a result, buyers typically need financing. At HMV we do not represent buyers, but we do work very hard to assist them to secure financing, enabling our clients to be cashed out. Acquisition Services Group’s active involvement in the industry means we know which lenders are still lending in this challenging credit environment.
  •     Legal Documents and Taxes:
While HMV is not licensed to provide legal documentation or advice on taxes or legal issues, we certainly provide guidelines that will help you understand the process and what you need to do to protect yourself. We will work closely with your legal and accounting advisers to ensure the best possible transaction for you.
These are just some of the value-added services that HMV is able to offer to our clients. If you would like more information on how we can help you sell your business contact us today.

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