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PRE-ESOP Planning

When planning to begin an ESOP you may require a variety of our services including feasibility studies,
strategic evaluations and preliminary valuations.

ESOP Initial Valuation

An initial valuation will be required for an ESOP establishing the history of a company’s value as well as providing ample support for possible DOL and IRS review.

ESOP Compliance Valuations

Companies that sponsor ESOPS are required to have valuations performed AT LEAST annually for administration of the plan.

ESOP Valuations are needed at a variety of times:

 punctwhen a business is considering starting a new plan

 punctthe initial valuation at the beginning of the ESOP   

punctannual required valuations for plan trustees           

punctvaluations to terminate an ESOP                           

You will need an ESOP Valuation specialist that is independent, thorough and timely – someone you can rely on year after year – these things we can guarantee! When it comes to ESOP’s, Robert Hetsler provides only ESOP valuations – not ESOP administration or record keeping. This allows our clients ESOP valuations to be completely independent and objective.

What sets us apart is our experience in ESOP appraisal work coupled with our ability to deliver high quality reports at a reasonable price within a reasonable time period.


Robert G. Hetsler, Jr., J.D.,CPA*,CVA,CFFA,FCPA,CFF

Preparing ESOP Valuations Nationwide
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