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Specializing in companies with annual revenues ranging from $500,000 to $350,000,000, Robert Hetsler provides independent ESOP Valuation services for all stages of a company’s ESOP planning and administration.


ESOP Services


ESOP Valuations are needed at a variety of times:

  • When a business is considering starting a new plan
  • the initial valuation at the beginning of the ESOP
  • annual required valuations for plan trustees
  • valuations to terminate an ESOP

Start-Up: When planning to begin an ESOP you may require a variety of our services including feasibility studies, strategic evaluations and preliminary valuations. When can help you determine if your company is well suited for an ESOP and how to best structure one.

Initial Valuation: An initial valuation will be required for an ESOP establishing the history of a company’s value as well as providing ample support for possible DOL and IRS review. This will require a detailed valuation of not only the last few years historically, but what is being forecast. You will get one-on-one attention and a thorough and accurate valuation report.

Annual Valuations: Companies that sponsor ESOPS are required to have valuations performed AT LEAST annually for administration of the plan. These are usually simpler and quicker than the initial valuation – but critical for your ongoing ESOP administration. We can make sure that we follow-up with you to have the valuation done annually to meet regulations.

Terminations: There are many issues involved in plan terminations: is the plan terminating completely or rolling into another plan? Is the ESOP leveraged or nonleveraged plan? Are there any outstanding loans on the plan? We can help you work through this and make sure everything is ended appropriately.

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Robert G. Hetsler, Jr., J.D.,CPA*,CVA,CFFA,FCPA,CFF

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